Am I Addicted to Smoking Pot?

More and more people are beginning to use Marijuana. While the drug is becoming legal in some states, it is still illegal at the federal level. It is classified as a schedule 1 drug along with harder drugs like Heroin. One of the biggest issues that arises with legalization is the fact that many people underestimate the negative effects that can occur. While Marijuana is believed to have some medical benefits, the drug still has the ability to harm recreational users.
Marijuana is one of the most commonly used illicit drugs today. Marijuana may be referred to alternative street names such as pot, dope, weed, or ganja. The drug comes from the naturally occurring plant Cannabis Sativa. The plant produces flower which is referred to as bud in the Marijuana industry. Pot can be ingested in many different ways. The bud can be smoked, vaporized, or infused into food which is known as edibles. Depending on the form of ingestion, different effects will occur.
The typical short term effects that users experience from Marijuana are euphoria, reduced stress, altered perception of reality, relaxed mood, and increased appetite. The effects from Marijuana are going to be different from person to person. The typical negative effects that users report are dry mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia.
Long term effects have not been fully studied due to the fact that the drug is illegal at the federal level. There have been a few studies done though. These effects are most prevalent in users who take the drug in excess.
One of the effects that can occur from using pot is decreased short term memory. The section in the brain that controls short term memory is altered when exposed to THC which is the main component in Marijuana.
Another effect that people may notice from pot smokers is a decrease in interest of normal activities. One of the indicators that someone is smoking pot is that they will no longer enjoy partaking in activities that they originally enjoyed.
One quality that is normally associated with pot smokers is that they are lazy. This is not necessarily true. The reason that someone may seem lazy after smoking pot is because certain strains make them tired. Cannabis Indica tends to make users tired and relaxed whereas Cannabis Sativa creates an uplifting and energetic effect. Because pot is illegal in most states, pot smokers usually don’t know what type of strain they are getting on the street. If they happen to get an Indica Strain then it might make them tired.
While Marijuana is not considered to be physically addictive, one can become mentally addicted to it. If you think that you or someone else is addicted to pot then look for the following indicators. The most common indicator is that the person is using pot multiple times a day. If pot is consuming lots of time in the day and is constantly on someones mind they may be addicted. Thankfully it is possible to stop using.
Luckily, there are not many marijuana withdrawal symptoms you have to deal with whereas there are a ton of heroin withdrawal symptoms.